My story began January 2018, after seeing a picture taken at Christmas.  I was at a very unhealthy state, extremely high blood pressure, and because of family history, I feared having a heart attack at the age of 46! I never slept through the night and woke up each day just as tired as I had been when I went to bed.  I drank half a pot of coffee every morning just to get me started, and then resorted to sodas and chocolate in the afternoon to help me make it through the rest of my work day.  I would almost fall asleep on my 30 minute drive home because of my exhaustion.  My joints ached and my feet were always hurting.  I had terrible eating habits from life being busy and spending each meal in the drive thru lane at my favorite fast food restaurants.  Fried foods, soda, and sugar were my staples.  

When I saw my best friend having success in her health, losing weight, feeling better, more energy and more confident, I knew I had to join her!! She became my health coach and walked with me along my journey, providing support as my accountability partner.  I lost 60 pounds in 6 months & regained my self-confidence.  I had so much energy and began sleeping soundly just like I had my whole life.  My body no longer aches, and I quickly discovered that it had less to do with my age than it had to do with the inflammatory foods I was eating and the extra weight I was carrying around with me.  

Now at 51 years of age, I feel just as good as I did at 30!! I'm not worried about developing heart disease or having a heart attack.  My blood pressure has also improved, and all of my blood work too!  

I've now coached thousands of people in creating health and wellness in their life too.  If you are looking for a solution or if you would like to know more about coaching so you can assist others in their health, reach out to me through email, social media, or complete the health questionnaire from the links below.  

It just may be the best decision you have ever made other than your relationship with the Lord! 

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